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Transmission City is locally owned and operated by the Bremer Family. We have been serving the transmission needs of our customers since 1977.

We are proud to be a family-owned business and are dedicated to 100% Customer Satisfaction. We perform only the highest quality and only the necessary transmission and auto repairs, no more, no less. We continue to seek advanced transmission training as it is an ongoing endeavor to better serve our customers' transmission and auto repair needs.

You are always welcome to talk to us about any transmission or automotive problems, as well as any questions you may have. We will gladly offer our help or advice to provide you with transmission or auto repair solutions. We value your confidence in us as your transmission specialist and appreciate your business.

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Our Transmission City Team


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Center Manager

Mark Bremer

General Manager

Rolf Bremer


Our Services

Free Diagnostic
Road Test & Scan


  • Checking the fluid level and condition for contamination and wear particles.
  • Attaching sophisticated scan tools to the onboard diagnostic system and & interface with computers, to monitor proper operation and search for malfunction codes.
  • Any codes in memory are recorded for further in-depth testing and diagnosis.
  • A road test is performed to evaluate every function the transmission is capable of performing and evaluate the mechanical and hydraulic systems for proper operation.
  • A lift check for leaks and all mechanical and electrical connections to determine what service will be necessary.

Repair Services

Here at Transmission City, we have the latest technology and equipment for any transmission repair service on any make and model vehicle. We have the expertise to determine if a problem is electrical or a hydraulic control issue that can be repaired without a complete rebuild. Custom rebuilds, Heavy duty, and high-performance rebuilds are available, which are all done in-house. We love working on old and new custom cars. Come see us today!

Preventive Maintenance


Routine tune-ups are required on all vehicles. GENERAL MOTORS, FORD, CHRYSLER and other automobile manufacturers publish time schedules for these services. At Transmission City in Sandy, we can perform your tune-ups and routinely scheduled services to keep your vehicle’s factory warranty in effect


It is recommended to get your timing belt changed every 100,00 miles.



Automotive Services

When it comes to cars, we know the importance of keeping them on the road. At Transmission City, we do our best to get you and your car back together again as soon as possible. Our services include fuel systems, coolant systems, electrical systems, steering and suspension, and anything else engine related. Whether you are having drive-train issues, needing new brakes, or the A/C isn’t working properly, we can help. Basically, if you have a car and it has a problem, we can fix it!

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Hours of Operation: M-F 8am-6pm

What Our Clients Say About Us

I was recommended to these guys by Ryan at Tunex, Ive never felt more informed, they talked to me about everything transmission i wanted to know, they checked my truck and explained to me everything so i could understand it, I would definitely continue bringing my vehicles to them.

Ryan Sherman

Cal and his team provide exceptional customer service. About a year ago I had a transmission rebuilt with a 36 month 50,000 mile warrantee and just recently I noticed an error in the paperwork, and Cal corrected the error with no questions asked. More recently, I had to have a rear axle replaced. During the process Cal actually left the office to go to my house to grab a part that I was unable to take to him while I was at work in order to have the vehicle finished when I got off . The staff are knowledgeable and extremely helpful! This is an A++++ establishment! I would not hesitate to recommend anybody. I will be going back if I need future repairs!

Tony Bowen

Great guys, very friendly and knowledgeable. Will guide you through processes. Me and my family see them exclusively for any repairs needed.

Casey Banyai

Reasonable price, excellent work! The transmission on my 2006 Pilot finally went out after 271,000 miles. Cal and his team of transmission specialists looked over my vehicle as a whole and said it was worth rebuilding the transmission. I’m glad I did! It runs great and I like their idea of a one-month check-up to ensure everything is going okay with the rebuilt transmission. Transmission City stands out with its quality mechanical service and its quality customer service! Recommend!

Alan Evensen

These guys were amazing. I had the furthest thing from a straightforward transmission repair. I spoke frequently with Cal, who was always so pleasant and apologetic, but I know there were a lot of people behind the scenes that were busting their butts for me. They took such good care of us during the process of trying to fix our lemon of a vehicle. They gave us a loaner vehicle at no charge (except paying for the gas we used). These guys worked for months on our car bringing in several experts including a ford representative. They always gave us an update. I never felt like I was totally in the dark with what was going on. The cherry on top was the fact that they spent thousands of hours and dollars fixing our transmission (which ultimately they were successful at) and never charged us an extra penny. They are incredibly honest and hardworking. I HIGHLY recommended them to anyone looking for someone to fix a transmission. Thanks to everyone at transmission city!!!!

Chelsey Roberts

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