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Auto air conditioning is a must in hot weather for driving comfort. If your vehicle's AC isn't working correctly, it won't blow cold air, it sputters or has low airflow then you might need to get it serviced. There are a number of issues that can cause poor AC performance like low freon levels, vacuum leaks, bad condensor, or even clogged tubes or hoses. Having a certified technician inspect your AC system will save you time and money instead of trying to fix it yourself.

Auto Air Conditioning & Heating Repair in Sandy, Utah

Why won't my vehicle's air conditioner blow cold air?

The most common cause for auto air conditioning to not blow cold air is a refrigerant leak or lack of freon. The leak could be coming from a hose line, the condensor, the compressor, or a connection in the system. It can be hard to find a leak due to the refrigerant evaporating after being leaked.

What causes a vehicle's heater to not blow hot air?

A vehicle's heating system relies on a number of components to function properly. A bad or faulty thermostat could be the issue for it blowing warm but not hot air. Low coolant levels in the engine can also cause poor heater performance. If you notice a coolant leak on the ground or on the floorboards of the vehicle then you most likely have a leaking heater core that needs to be replaced or a hole in the lines carrying the coolant. Poor airflow from the heater system indicates a bad or clogged blower fan that needs repairing or replacement.


Transmission City & Automotive Specialists in Sandy, UT provides regular inspections and maintenance on vehicle air conditioning and heating systems. We offer service, repair, or replacement of necessary parts at a competitive rate on all makes and models.


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