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About us

Transmission City & Automotive Specialists is locally owned and operated by the Bremer Family. We have been serving the transmission needs of our customers since 1977!

We are proud to be a family-owned business and are dedicated to 100% Customer Satisfaction. We perform only the highest quality and only the necessary transmission and auto repairs, no more, no less. We continue to seek advanced transmission training as it is an ongoing endeavour to better serve our customers' transmission and auto repair needs.

You are always welcome to talk to us about any transmission or automotive problems, as well as any questions you may have. We will gladly offer our help or advice to provide you with transmission or auto repair solutions. We value your confidence in us as your transmission and auto repair specialists and appreciate your business.

Automotive Services
Transmission Services

Transmissions have a lot that can be done to them to keep them running efficiently and to prolong their life through less wear and tear. Transmission can fail in only 50,00 miles if they are not properly serviced and maintained.

Auto Repair

Transmission City & Automotive Specialist is your local auto mechanic in Sandy, Utah that you can trust to perform professional automotive repairs. We offer a variety of services to replace or repair your vehicle’s broken, damaged, or worn out parts.

Electrical Diagnostics & Computer Scans

Vehicles today have a number of electronic sensors to monitor the engine, throttle, exhaust, transmission, fluid levels, ignition system and more. When a sensor detects ...

Preventative Auto Maintenance

Auto manufacturers have done a great job of creating a routine and systematic way of making sure you follow your vehicle maintenance guidelines. In between ...

Classic & Show Car Repair & Maintenance

Is your classic or vintage car in show shape? We offer professional repair and maintenance services for your classic and show car needs and guarantee ...