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Classic Show Vehicle Repair & Maintenance

Is your classic or vintage vehicle in show condition? We provide professional classic and show car repair and maintenance services and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with any repair or service.

Show Car & Truck Maintenance Shop in Sandy Utah

Classic & Vintage Vehicle Maintenance

To keep them running smoothly and safely, classic cars need to be taken care of regularly. Some of the most important things to do for maintenance are:

  • Oil changes: Your engine needs oil changes to keep running smoothly. The oil helps the engine run smoothly and keeps it from getting too hot.
  • Tune-ups: It's important to get tune-ups to make sure your engine is running well. Checking the spark plugs, ignition wires, and other parts is usually part of a tune-up.
  • Tire rotations: Tire rotations help your tires wear down evenly and help you get better gas mileage.
    Brake service: Taking care of your brakes is important to make sure you can safely stop your car. Changing the brake pads and rotors is a common part of brake service.
  • Checking the fluids: It's important to check the oil, coolant, and power steering fluid levels in your car on a regular basis.
  • How to stop rust: Older cars are more likely to rust than newer ones. To keep your car from rusting, you should do things like wax it often and keep it in a dry place.
  • Repairs to the car's parts: As classic cars age, they may need repairs to their parts. These repairs can be expensive, so you should set aside money for them.

You can take your classic car to a qualified mechanic if you don't feel comfortable taking care of it yourself.

Classic Truck & Car Repairs

Don't just let any automotive repair shop work on your vintage or classic vehicle. We understand how valuable your vehicle is to you and take all necessary precautions to keep it running and looking like new. Contact our experts at Transmission City & Automotive Specialists to take care of your car or truck with the utmost attention to detail.