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Preventative Auto Maintenance

Auto manufacturers have done a great job of creating a routine and systematic way of making sure you follow your vehicle maintenance guidelines. In between the standard miles for regular maintenance, like replacing your timing belt, there are a number of other items that could hinder your vehicle’s performance. Poorly maintained vehicles can lead to increased safety concerns and result in costly repairs. Maintaining your vehicle properly will not only increase its life and usability but will also make the roads a safer place for yourself and others.

Some of the most common things to do for safe automotive care are:

Brake Inspections

Overuse of brakes and not replacing pads, drums or discs at the correct time can lead to excessive wear and tear on your vehicle’s braking system. Worn pads create extra heat and uneven braking connection with the drum or discs and can lead to warping. Warping will result in shaking and longer braking time to come to a stop or slow down. If you are hearing screeching sounds while breaking it could be your pad indicator, a rock, or just excessive brake pad dust build-up. Shaking and screeching while using your brakes is an indication that your vehicle needs to be inspected and repaired.


Battery Testing

A poor-performing battery can lead to a heavier workload on your vehicle’s electrical system, sensors, and other components. It makes it tougher to start your engine, especially in cold weather conditions, and can lead to needing a new starter motor. The last thing you need is to get stranded somewhere cold where your vehicle’s battery does not have enough power to start your car or truck. A bad or worn battery that is constantly trying to charge while the vehicle is running puts an excessive drag on alternators and causes the engine to work harder. Regular testing and inspection of wires and connections will prolong your vehicle’s battery life.

Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement

Windshield wipers that are dirty and worn can lead to low visibility and potential accidents. Extreme weather conditions like we experience in Utah can cause wiper blades to wear at an increased rate leading them to be replaced more often. Having your wipers inspected and replaced when needed will increase your field of vision necessary to operate your vehicle safely.

Vehicle Fluid Level Inspections

The fluid levels in your vehicle’s operating systems are critical to maintaining a well-running car or truck. There are seven different types of fluids that should be checked on a routine basis: motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, radiator coolant, power steering fluid, air conditioning coolant, and windshield washer fluid. Low fluid levels will lead to major vehicle repairs if not addressed in a timely manner, overfilled fluid levels can do the same. Proper inspection and the use of quality products for draining or replacing fluids will improve performance, fuel economy, and the lifespan of any vehicle.

At Transmission City & Automotive Specialists, we offer affordable vehicle preventative maintenance inspections and repairs. Give us a call today to get your vehicle running at its best!

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