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Mechanic and Auto Shop for Cottonwood Heights, Utah

Transmission City & Automotive Specialists is your dependable local auto mechanic in the Cottonwood Heights, Utah, area. Our goal is to provide clients with a quality of service unmatched by our competitors. We want you to have faith in our ability to perform any general automotive services or restorations that you may require. We service a variety of vehicle makes, models, and years. It is both who and what we are.

Preventative Auto Maintenance

Transmission City & Automotive Specialists is the finest auto service center in the Cottonwood Heights, Utah, region. Our ASE-certified, highly trained specialists have access to the most advanced vehicle repair technology. We provide our mechanics with the necessary tools and training to maintain your vehicle in excellent condition. Our goal is to provide clients with a quality of service unmatched by our competitors.

Cottonwood Heights, Utah Transmission Services

Transmission City & Automotive Specialists understand the anxiety that comes with the idea of "transmission repair," but we want you to know that there is still time to find relief. Your vehicle's transmission, whether manual or automatic, heavy-duty or low-range, is an essential component of the engine. It is not unexpected that transmission issues might render your vehicle immobile, as your transmission is crucial for transferring engine power into forward motion. Transmission City & Automotive Specialists is staffed with transmission experts with years of experience working with transmissions of all sizes and types. We have the know-how to get you started again when everything stops.

Electrical Diagnostics Computer Scans

The check engine light on your car is a dead giveaway that one or more of its systems aren't working properly. Your car's functionality depends on these systems, so it must have them in top condition for it to run efficiently. If your check engine light is on, come to Transmission City & Automotive Specialists to find out why. Before we begin the diagnostic, a scan tool will be linked to your car's onboard computer system. Through the same onboard computer system, the issue will be communicated to the tool. This will make it simpler for our expert to identify the problem. If the check engine light is on in your car, make an appointment with one of our licensed mechanics. Every automobile on the road today has a check engine light, and our auto repair shop has the expertise and automated diagnostic tools to identify the problem and fix it.

Classic & Show Car Repair & Maintenance

Numerous auto repair shops employ technicians who are unfamiliar with custom or vintage vehicles. The mechanics at Transmission City & Automotive Specialists near Cottonwood Heights, Utah, are experts in all aspects of automobile construction and restoration. Do not entrust any auto repair establishment with your classic or vintage automobile. We take every precaution to keep your car operating smoothly and looking brand new because we recognize how important it is to you. Our main goal is to help you keep your classic car or truck running like new.