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Mechanic and Auto Shop near White City, Utah

As a family-owned and operated auto repair shop near White City, Utah, we take pride in offering services that are suitable for families. Through education and dedication to our customers, Transmission City & Automotive Specialists is constantly seeking to enhance and advance the repair services we provide. You can count on receiving honest repairs and superior customer service on every visit. Whether you require routine maintenance, such as an oil change, or more complex services, such as engine or emissions repairs, our technicians can manage any job.

Preventative Auto Maintenance

The only thing you need to stay ahead of car problems is an excellent vehicle maintenance schedule. By performing routine maintenance on your vehicle's major systems, you can prevent a variety of significant problems, including catastrophic component failures. Schedule preventive maintenance with Transmission City & Automotive Specialists in order to keep your car operating longer! Let us assist you in staying on the road and preventing unnecessary vehicle wear and tear.

Transmission Services near White City, Utah

Transmission City & Automotive Specialists recognizes the fear that goes along with the phrase "transmission repair," and we want you to know that there is still hope. Whether it's manual or automatic, heavy-duty or low-range, your vehicle's transmission is a key part of the engine. Your transmission is essential for converting engine power into forward motion, so it is not surprising that transmission problems can render your vehicle inoperable. Transmission City & Automotive Specialists has professionals with years of experience working with transmissions of all types and sizes. When everything comes to a halt, we have the expertise to get you moving again.

Electrical Diagnostics Computer Scans

Your car's check engine light turning on is a surefire indication that one or more of its systems are malfunctioning. These systems are crucial to the operation of your car, so they must be in excellent working order for it to function effectively. Visit our auto repair facility to find out why your check engine light is on. A scan tool will be connected to your car's onboard computer system before we start the diagnostic. The problem will be sent to the tool via the same onboard computer system. This will make it easier for our professionals to find the issue. Schedule an appointment with one of our certified mechanics if your vehicle's check engine light is activated. 

Classic & Show Car Repair & Maintenance

To ensure proper function, appearance, and safety, classic cars require routine maintenance. Nothing is more crucial to maximizing the value of your investment than having qualified mechanics perform routine or urgent maintenance while keeping your classic car's originality. At Transmission City & Automotive Specialists, we offer repair and maintenance services that keep your classic or vintage vehicle in pristine condition while preserving the unique characteristics that make it special.