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11 Important Items to Keep in Your Vehicle

11 Important Items to Keep in Your Vehicle

June 11, 2023

Posted on June 11, 2023

Being a safe driver means you pay attention to the road, follow traffic laws, keep your vehicle maintained and running smoothly, and never drive drowsy or under the influence of drugs/alcohol. Another way to be a safe driver is to ensure you always have a few important items in your vehicle. Here are 11 things to keep in your car.

  1. Owner’s manual – Keep this in the glove box as it will provide important information on items such as recommended fuel, PSI levels, and safety features. If you’ve purchased an older vehicle without an owner’s manual, you may be able to find it online and print out the essentials.
  2. License, insurance, and registration – This one’s obvious because they’re all necessary if you get pulled over by law enforcement, but it’s still good to double check. Make sure you replace your insurance cards when you get the current ones in the mail, too.
  3. Tire changing materials – A lot of newer cars don’t come with a spare tire, which is why a roadside assistance membership is important. If you’re usually driving around in the city, it’s probably not a big deal, but if you’re going off roading or will be out of cell range, you’ll want to get a spare tire, a jack, and a lug wrench to take with you.
  4. Car repair information – It’s helpful to keep information on roadside assistance memberships, your mechanic shop number, and vehicle maintenance history.
  5. Jumper cables – Even if you have roadside assistance, jumper cables are still a good thing to have on hand. A dead battery usually comes as an inconvenient surprise. Getting a jump is relatively easy and quick—quicker than it’d take to wait for assistance to show up.
  6. Tire pressure gauge – Newer vehicles have sensors that tell you when a tire is low, but if you need to pop into a gas station to put air in a tire, it’s convenient to have a pressure gauge on hang to ensure you’re not putting in too much or too little air.
  7. Winter needs – An emergency in winter comes with added dangers. Keep a blanket, an ice scraper, windshield wiper fluid, a shovel, a traction mat (in case you get stuck), and some matches or flares for a little added safety in the cold months.
  8. Reflective triangles or flares – It’s dangerous to pull off the shoulder of the road, but reflective triangles or flares will help you stay visible to other drivers.
  9. Tools – A small multitool with scissors, screwdriver, and knife may come in handy for numerous reasons. Keep this with a hammer and stored with your flashlight and first aid kit.
  10. First aid kit – You never know when an emergency is going to strike, which is why a first aid kit is a must for travelers. There are commuter/driver specific first aid kits available if you want a convenience all-in-one option.
  11. Flashlight – If emergencies strike at night, you’ll need a good flashlight. Consider storing some extra batteries as well.

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