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Common Vehicle Problems in Late Winter and Early Spring

Car owners may begin to notice a number of issues that are typically brought on by the shifting weather conditions as the end of winter gives way to the beginning of spring. A wide range of temperatures can have a considerable influence on the many components that make up vehicular systems. On the occasion of […]

Frosty Cabins & Foggy Windows: Solving Vehicle Heating Woes

When the winter temperatures arrive, having a vehicle heating system that is completely functional is not merely a luxury; it is a need. Your regular drive might become a frigid misery if the heating is inadequate, and your visibility may be impaired owing to foggy windows. Both of these situations pose substantial threats to your […]

Only Trust Classic Car Specialists for Your Show Vehicle

Your vintage marvel is not merely a machine; it’s a living relic of history, embodying the craftsmanship and passion that span across generations. Possessing a classic car isn't just about owning a vehicle; it's a role of curating a piece of automotive art. And within this niche world of automotive elegance, the significance of relying […]

Transmission Failures: Unraveling the Mechanics Behind the Breakdown

In the sprawling realm of vehicular intricacies, few components bear the weight of responsibility quite like the transmission—and if something goes wrong, Transmission City & Automotive Specialists have your back. Often referred to as the vehicle’s gearbox, the transmission plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless transition of power from the engine to the […]

Ensuring Smooth Transitions: Car Transmission Care in Winter

As winter looms in front of us, your vehicle faces a unique set of challenges—at Transmission City & Automotive Specialists, we can help you (and your vehicle) prepare. Among the many critical components that demand your attention during the colder months is the transmission. Your car's transmission, responsible for shifting gears and ensuring the right […]

What’s That Squeak?

Different noises coming from your vehicle can mean different things. It is important to pay attention to these noises to determine if something is wrong and get it checked out. A common noise that vehicles make is squeaking or squealing. Let’s dive in to what a squeaky car might be telling you. Serpentine belt – […]

What to Look for When Buying a Used Car – Part 2

Please read Part 1 of this blog series for an introduction and more information on considerations when looking at used cars. Here are some more tips to apply while you’re shopping around: Check the color of transmission fluid: Normal transmission fluid color is bright red. If it’s dark or black, you are probably looking at […]

What to Look for When Buying a Used Car – Part 1

We posted a blog recently with tips for buying the perfect car for you. These tips include making a financially wise decision for your situation, considering your driving habits, looking for options that are comfortable and safe, deciding on your wants vs needs, and taking time to research the model you’re looking at. This blog […]

11 Important Items to Keep in Your Vehicle

Being a safe driver means you pay attention to the road, follow traffic laws, keep your vehicle maintained and running smoothly, and never drive drowsy or under the influence of drugs/alcohol. Another way to be a safe driver is to ensure you always have a few important items in your vehicle. Here are 11 things […]

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Vehicles

The first hybrid car, the Lohner-Porsche Mixte, was developed in 1899 (nope, that’s not a typo) by Ferdinand Porsche. It was a well-received concept and about 300 cars were made. Hybrid demand began to diminish with Henry Ford’s invention of the auto assembly line, but they made a comeback in Japan in 1997 with the […]