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Repairs That Aren’t Covered by Insurance

Repairs That Aren’t Covered by Insurance

April 11, 2023

Posted on April 11, 2023

We often get people in the shop wondering if their car issues could be covered by insurance. For complications from a collision or incidents such as theft and fire, insurance can come to your aid. But for repairs from routine wear, mechanical breakdowns, or single-party accidents that didn’t cause property damage, insurance probably won’t help much. Additionally, in some cases where insurance could help, you still may not want to file a claim. Here are some situations where filing a claim doesn’t make sense.

  • If the claim amount doesn’t match the deductible: It’s typically the best option to pay out of pocket if the repair cost is less than or about the same amount as your deductible. Filing claims will be added to your claim history and can increase your premiums for many months. Even if the repair is a little over the deductible, it can be beneficial to pay out of pocket to prevent those higher premiums.
  • If your vehicle is old and you’re not worried about its appearance: Many of us have a vehicle that’s been paid off for a while and is just your run around car that you’re driving until it can’t possibly go anymore. If you’re not worried about the look of the car and you don’t have a monthly payment, it may be beneficial to not file a claim to get it repaired.
  • If you were in a single-car accident with minimal damage: When you’re the only one involved in a minor accident, it can be tough to know what to do. If damage is less than your deductible and you haven’t caused property damage or personal injury, avoid submitting a claim. Common examples include sliding on black ice and hitting a curb too hard, scraping the side of your car in a parking garage, or backing into a pole.
  • If the damage is minor and both parties settle privately: You’ll want to be cautious with this option, as some at-fault drivers may just be trying to get out of their responsibility. But in some cases, this can be a good option. Minor accidents with another party you can trust (such as a family member or coworker) can often be settled without filing a claim. Decide what’s most important in this situation and how much the final costs may be.
  • If your insurance rates will end up costing more than the repair: If you’re on the fence about repair costs, you can have an insurer assess the damage. Then you can ask them how much they are likely to increase your rate each month and for how long. If that cost ends up being more than the repair out of pocket, it’s probably wise to not claim the accident and just pay for it yourself.

At Transmission City & Automotive Specialists, we take care of any vehicle that needs work. We also work with many insurances to ensure our clients get what they need. If you have questions about repair work on your car and if you should file an insurance claim, give a call.

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