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The Importance of a Road Scan Diagnostic

The Importance of a Road Scan Diagnostic

November 15, 2021

Posted on November 15, 2021

Vehicles of the modern age have so many technical components working together. It seems many newer models are actually more computer than automobile! With the complexity behind your vehicle’s function, you need an experienced professional to check it out occasionally. Diagnostic tests are important to maintain the reliability of your vehicle, but what are these tests, why are they needed, and how are they performed?

What: Diagnostic tests are like a little checkup on your vehicle. Think of it like your yearly health physical: you go to the doctor (mechanic) to ensure your body (your car) is running at optimal performance. The test is a scan of the functioning of your vehicle from the engine to the exhaust and almost everything in between.

Why: Diagnostic tests are a proactive way to stay on top of your vehicle’s maintenance needs. Prices vary from shop to shop, but at Transmission City & Auto Specialists, we offer this service to our customers free of charge. With this kind of availability, there’s no reason to put a service of this importance on the backburner. If you want your car to work at its best, yearly diagnostic scans are the best way to be a responsible owner.

How: A mechanic will use specialized equipment to scan your vehicle’s computer system and see what codes pop up. The results will tell them what is going on with your car that you, and possibly the mechanic, may not be able to notice from the outside. Some problems are invisible until they become massive issues. A diagnostic done by an experienced mechanic can usually catch these before they surface.

Your safety is top priority, and you don’t want your car to stall out or break down somewhere dangerous. Your time is also a top priority, which means it will never be a good time for your car to start giving you problems. Even if your vehicle is running smoothly, take advantage of this convenient and quick service each year for your peace of mind and safety.

Next Step in a Fender Bender

Have you ever bumped a car on your way out of a parking lot? How about that speedy turn that sent you a little over the curb? Even more common, have you driven right into one of those huge potholes that are so famous on our Utah roads? Minor issues like these could result in a major problem down the road. You may not think your vehicle needs a check-up after a small incident, but it’s imperative to check out your car’s codes shortly afterward just to be sure. If your check engine light came on or is flickering after an unexpected event, don’t wait long to take it to a professional. Over time, issues like reduced battery life, leaking oil or coolants, or off-balanced wheel alignment can creep up. Left unaddressed, these issues only get worse and will create a host of other problems. Trust your car to a mechanic shop that knows a huge variety of makes and models and is confident in providing diagnostic services and any repairs necessary.

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