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Why you should pay attention to your vehicle’s steering and suspension

Car suspension and brake and steering

August 11, 2021

Posted on August 11, 2021

vehicle’s steering and suspension - Your car is a complex machine that requires every part to be in good condition and functional in order to ensure your safety. One of the most intricate systems of any vehicle is the suspension. Just like any other part, the more wear and tear—and miles—your suspension undergoes, the more likely it is to break down.

Most steering and suspension systems don’t break down suddenly, but rather over time, which is why it’s critical to pay attention to any red flags. If you notice your car tends to “drift” in a certain direction, that’s one of the most common signs your suspension system needs some TLC. However, that could also be a sign of something else gone awry. The earlier you catch something strange happening to your vehicle and see a mechanic, the better off you’ll be.

When a car isn pulling in a specific direction while you’re driving, it can be the signal of several issues. It might be that the tires are unevenly worn, a steering component that isn’t working right, or a wheel alignment that needs to be addressed. You might be able to drive quite a while with a pulling sensation and no obvious problem, but this is going to quickly wear out your tire’s lifespan. See a mechanic immediately.

Shakiness is another potential sign of a failing steering and suspension system. The actual shakiness might be caused by various things, such as the tires wiggling when you drive because they’re low on pressure—or because the suspension system is breaking down. Shakiness can be difficult to gauge if you drive the vehicle every day, so try to make a conscious effort of checking for any shaking when you get behind the wheel.

Suspension System Warning Signs

If your wheel feels stiff and is difficult to move, that’s another sign that something isn’t right. A proper wheel turns smoothly without any effort. If it suddenly feels like you don’t have power steering, you might not! A stiff wheel can be a sign of a steering rack leak or a loose steering belt. Whatever the problem may be, it will require expert attention in order to get to the bottom of it. Sometimes a stiff wheel is a quick and easy fix, but if you let the problem persist, you’re asking for trouble.

Your car acting up is its way of telling you something’s wrong. It’s critical to see your mechanic or dealership for scheduled routine maintenance, but any time you notice something strange you should make an appointment immediately. Steering and suspension problems tend to worsen gradually, so being hyper-vigilant when it comes to discerning if your car is acting strange is important. If you do notice something unusual, call Transmission City & Automotive Specialists today for a convenient appointment that fits with your schedule. We’ll get you back on the road—safely—in no time.


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