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Five Reasons to Bring Your Car in for Oil Changes

Five Reasons to Bring Your Car in for Oil Changes

March 1, 2022

Posted on March 1, 2022

A basic oil change is generally not a difficult task, so you may wonder why you would pay someone to do that for you. While many times it can be a straightforward process, sometimes it’s not and complications arise. There are several great reasons to bring your car into us for oil changes. Changing your oil is necessary for optimal vehicle performance. Even if you know how to change your vehicle’s oil, here are five big reasons you should still have us do it.

Ensure the job is done correctly

Our auto shop employees are trained experts when it comes to vehicle maintenance. The chances of us making a mistake while changing your oil are minimal. We have the skills to confidently do the job right the first time. You don’t have to worry if we’ve put in the right kind of oil or if we’ve got everything put back together securely. You can drive away with the peace of mind that the process was completed correctly.

It’s fast and convenient

Because we have all the tools at the ready, our oil changes are handled quickly. You’ll likely be in and out in less time it would take you to do it in your garage. Our employees understand your time is valuable and will do all they can to turn your car around in the quickest time possible. People often bring in their cars on lunch breaks or on their way to work, making it a quick pause on a regular day rather than taking up a full Saturday afternoon.

Ensure safety for you and your vehicle

Changing your oil at home poses risks to your safety. From burns to cuts or even the vehicle falling off the jack, you must be extra careful and take several precautions. Our shop is full of high-quality, well-maintained tools, ensuring safety for our staff and the best care for your car. When it comes to safety, we also ensure all fluids are disposed of correctly and according to industry standards.

We pay attention to other details

When we change your oil, we can quickly address other items such a topping off other fluids, rotating the tires and checking tire pressure, and checking to see is there are other maintenance items needed. If you want us to do a quick check on basic needs, we are happy to do so to help keep your car running smoothly. It’s much easier for us to see what’s going on with your car in our shop than it is in smaller garage during personal oil changes.

It's more cost effective

You may think you’re saving money by changing your oil at home, but with all things considered that’s not necessarily true. You won’t need the initial investment of buying drain pans, jacks, funnels, and more just to do the minimum basics of the job. We also guarantee our work so if something is incorrect, we will make sure to make it right without it costing more money for you.

Take oil changes off your to-do list for good by brining your car into Transmission City & Auto Specialists.

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