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Oil Changes

Regular vehicle oil changes should be done every 3000 to 5000 miles depending on the age of the vehicle and the manufacturers recommendation. Oil breaks down over time from protecting the engine against friction and heat and loses its effectiveness as a lubricant. Engine parts that are constantly moving need quality oil to keep them functioning at their best and to avoid costly breakdowns. Routine oil changes are the most important thing you can do to maintain your car or truck. An oil change should include a full draining of the old oil, a new oil filter, a new drain plug gasket, and the correct oil weight and amount of new oil added back into the system.

Oil Pan Gasket Replacement & Cleaning

Oil pan gaskets wear out over time from vehicles running at temperatures that are higher than normal operating conditions. With any oil change, the oil pan gasket should be inspected for any spots of possible failure or leaks. If the gasket needs to be replaced then the oil pan will need to be removed to install a new gasket. While the oil pan is removed it should be cleaned to remove any old oil, sludge build-up, and metal particles. When the oil is running through the engine system it picks up any metal shavings from moving parts that may be grinding. This usually happens when oil levels are low and the vehicle is still being operated, the moving parts are not getting proper lubrication from the oil. The oil returns to the pan where the debris gets dropped before the oil goes through the oil filter and back into the engine system.

Engine Oil Leaks

Most oil leaks are from an oil filter not sealing properly or the oil pan gasket failing. Engine gaskets and seals can also breakdown over time from running under extreme temperature conditions causing an oil leak to emerge. A thorough inspection of the vehicle's gaskets and seals will help determine where the oil leak is coming from and what needs to be done to fix it.

Transmission City & Automotive Specialists in Sandy, UT provides regular maintenance oil changes for all makes and models of vehicles as well as any necessary repairs on oil leaks. If you notice oil spots under your vehicle give us a call, let's get your vehicle fixed and running great with no leaks.