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Keep Your EVAP System in Check: Essential Preventative Maintenance for Summer

Keep Your EVAP System in Check Essential Preventative Maintenance for Summer

May 13, 2024

With the summer heat on its way, it's important to make sure your vehicle is ready to handle the rising temperatures. One frequently ignored but crucial part to inspect is the Evaporative Emission Control System, commonly referred to as the EVAP system. This system is essential for minimizing harmful emissions and ensuring optimal efficiency of your vehicle. Here's why it's important to prioritize checking your EVAP system on your summer maintenance checklist.

The EVAP system is created to capture and recycle fuel vapors from the fuel tank and prevent them from being released into the atmosphere. It provides assistance in:

  • Contributing to a cleaner environment, the EVAP system effectively reduces pollution by trapping fuel vapors and minimizing the emissions released into the air.
  • Enhancing Fuel Efficiency: By efficiently reusing fuel vapors within the engine, this system optimizes fuel consumption, potentially leading to cost savings at the gas station.
  • Ensuring Engine Performance: A well-maintained EVAP system is crucial for optimal engine operation and efficiency.

Why It's Important To Inspect Your EVAP System Before Summer

Elevated temperatures can lead to increased fuel evaporation, which can put additional stress on the EVAP system. Making sure it's functioning properly can help avoid vapor leaks and other problems. By detecting and addressing minor problems early on, you can save yourself from dealing with significant and costly repairs in the future. A malfunctioning EVAP system can result in your vehicle failing emissions tests, which may be necessary for vehicle registration in certain regions. During the summer months, numerous cities face challenges with their air quality. Keeping your EVAP system in good condition is essential for minimizing pollution. 

Indications Your Vehicle's EVAP System Requires Maintenance

One of the most frequent indications of a problem with the EVAP system is when the check engine light comes on. If there is a noticeable smell of gasoline around your vehicle, it could be a sign of a vapor leak. If you notice that you're needing to refuel more frequently than usual, it's possible that your vehicle's EVAP system is not functioning optimally. If your vehicle fails an emissions test, one of the primary areas to inspect is the EVAP system. 

What Does an EVAP System Check Involve?

  • Visual Inspection: Our skilled technicians will carefully examine all the components of your vehicle's EVAP system, looking for any indications of damage or wear. This includes thoroughly inspecting the hoses and connections for any potential issues.
  • Diagnostic Test: This test entails the introduction of smoke into the EVAP system to detect any potential leaks. Any cracks or holes will allow smoke to escape, making them more noticeable.
  • Diagnostic Scanning: Skilled technicians utilize specialized tools to scan the vehicle's computer system for trouble codes associated with the EVAP system.
  • Component Testing: Testing individual components such as the purge valve, vent valve, and charcoal canister can help ensure their proper functioning. 

Ensure your summer plans stay on track by taking care of your EVAP system. Book an appointment for a routine inspection today to make sure your vehicle is prepared for the hot weather. Ensuring optimal performance for your vehicle not only benefits its efficiency, but also plays a role in promoting a healthier environment. Stay proactive, stay cool, and have a worry-free summer on the road!

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