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EVAP Systems

The Evaporative Emissions Control System is used to stop fuel and other harmful vapors from escaping into the air or cab and redirects it back to the engine for combustion or burning. Evap Systems These vapors are not only destructive to the environment but also a very dangerous risk to the vehicle operator and passengers.

Check Engine Light On? Could Be An EVAP System Problem

EVAP system error codes that trigger the check engine light can be checked with a diagnostic scan of the system. Some of the most common problems that can trigger the light from a trouble code are gas cap not on propper or tight enough, overfilled fuel tank, faulty sensors, EVAP Canister failure, and vent hoses.

EVAP Leak Repair

How do you know if your vehicle has an evaporative emissions control system leak? Some of the typical symptoms you will notice are poor acceleration, stalling, inconsistent idling, bad gas mileage, and fuel odor. The system runs on a vacuum which means any leaks can cause air to fuel mixture problems and vapor leak into the atmosphere. EVAP leaks should be repaired by a qualified mechanic who has the experience and certifications to work on an EVAP system. You can trust Transmission City & Automotive Specialists to effectively diagnose and repair your vehicle. Feel free to give us a call.