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Diagnostics, Road Test & Scan

Diagnostics, Road Test & Scan - Not all scanners are created equally and some only do a very basic reading of your vehicle’s sensors and processing systems.

Automotive Diagnostics Tests

A certified technician and a top-of-the-line scanner can identify OBD2 trouble codes and the best way to correct them. Vehicle Diagnostics Road Test & Scan testing generally only takes a few minutes to retrieve the codes that have been logged. Once the codes have been identified then the technician can inspect the vehicle’s problem area to determine what needs to be repaired. A diagnostic scan and vehicle inspection can in all can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours.
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Road Testing After Repairs & Code Clearing

Once the problem has been identified and repaired the technician will take the vehicle on a road test to determine if it is operating properly. A good road test will make sure that the problem has been resolved and everything is in full working order. The codes will be deleted before the road test to see if they are reported again by the sensors to the central processor. With the codes removed and the check engine light off the road test will also let the technician know the repairs have been completed and the vehicle is no longer reporting operating issues.

Scan For Other Possible Trouble Codes

A final scan of the vehicle’s system after the road test will let the technician know if there are any other possible problems that need to be addressed. With the codes cleared and no new ones being triggered the vehicle is ready to return to the owner.

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