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Vehicle Safety Systems

The safety systems in newer vehicles can be very complex and provide passive and active safety features. The active part of your vehicle’s safety system is one that will take control over operations to avoid a crash like traction control, collision warning, anti-lock brakes and airbags. The passive systems are ones that you control like mirror adjustments, seatbelts, driving distance, and speed control.

Advanced Automotive Safety Systems

Technology in today’s automotive safety systems has some advanced features for improved protection. Tire pressure-mounted sensors will warn you when tire pressure is low in any four individual tires. Forward collision warning systems reduce the speed of a vehicle to avoid following too closely or to stop before an accident can occur. Rearview cameras with sensors to detect objects, people, or other cars and trucks that pose a collision problem. All of these advanced safety features are great technologies to give us better driver safety assistance.

With all the new help to increase driver safety assistance in our newest vehicles, there are problems that can happen. If your vehicle’s safety system is experiencing malfunctions or poor operations we can help. A proper inspection by an experienced technician can not only fix your vehicle but also save you time and money.

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