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Electric Powertrains

Today’s hybrid vehicles are equipped with electrified powertrains for reduced fuel consumption while maintaining optimal power to move the vehicle. There are several types of electric powertrain designs to be used in electric and hybrid vehicles. A (BEV) or battery electric vehicle runs solely off of electric energy and has a battery, motor or generator, and transmission as part of its electric powertrain system. Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and plug-in hybrids (PHEV), also include fuel and an engine as part of their systems.


Electric & Hybrid Transmission Service & Repair

Electric Powertrains Like most vehicles, electric and hybrid need regular maintenance for the best performance and to increase lifespan. Our ASE technicians are certified to work on many makes and models of a vehicle’s electric powertrain and transmission system. If you are experiencing power loss, irregular acceleration, or deceleration and may be concerned about your vehicle give us a call!

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