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Automotive Tune Up

Truck Engine Performance Tune Up & Service in Sandy Utah
Car Engine Performance Tune Up & Service in Sandy Utah
Automotive Tune Up will increase your vehicle's overall efficiency saving you money through better fuel economy and performance. Most vehicle manufacturers have a recommended schedule for maintenance and tune-up needs. A vehicle tune-up is a list of procedures to go through to make sure everything is running at peak performance.

Spark Plug Inspections & Replacement

Spark plugs provide a continual spark to fire the air and fuel mixture that keeps the engine running. They should be removed and inspected to make sure they don’t have corrosion build up, an improper gap or any visible damage. Testing the performance of the plug will also ensure it is firing and functioning correctly. Bad spark plugs can cause engine misfires, rough idling, and ingnition issues.

PCV Valve Inspection & Replacement

Positive crankcase ventilation valves (PCV) release excess pressure from highly toxic gases that builds up in the fuel system. The gases are directed to the exhaust system to the catalytic converter that turns them into less toxic fumes before being released. The PCV valve can become clogged over time and should be removed and inspected regularly. Failing PCV valves wil cause engine surges, sludge build up, engine oil leaks, increased engine pressure or failed oil gaskets and seals.

Vehicle fuel systems

Automotive fuel system components need to be checked for any indications of problems. Fuel filters need to be clear of debris so clogging doesn’t occur making fuel flow difficult. The fuel pump needs to be tested to make sure it is operating correctly. Clogged fuel filters and lead to the corrision and break down of the fuel pump. Fuel injectors can also become clogged from grime build up which causes poor air to fuel mixture. Making sure the injectors are consistantly injecting the correct amount of fuel will increase fuel economy.

Air Filter Replacement & Cleaning

Air filters get dirty, that is their job, to clean unwanted particles out of the air before it enters your engine. Regular replacement or cleaning of your vehicles air filters will promote a clean air to fuel mixture for better overall combustion.

Transmission City & Automotive Specialist in Sandy, UT has ASE Certified Technicians with years of experience in tuning-up your vehicle so it can perform at its best. If your car is running poorly and you would like to improve it give us a call, we are happy to aswer any question you have.

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