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Emissions & Inspections

Utah emissions and inspections is a yearly task every vehicle owner needs to pass to make sure they are operating safe and efficient vehicles. While safety inspections are no longer required in Utah you are still required to comply with state-related vehicle compliance and safety laws for operating a vehicle on state roads. Transmission City & Automotive Specialists have been evaluating and passing safe and emission-compliant vehicles to be on Utah’s roads since 1987. We all want safe and emission efficient vehicles on our roads and traveling in our communities.

Does My Vehicle Need A Safety Inspection?

Vehicle safety inspections in Utah are no longer required as of January 2018. Your vehicle no longer needs a safety inspection certificate to operate on Utah roads, but you are still subject to state laws related to vehicle safety standards.

When Does My Vehicle Need Emissions Testing?

Depending on the year, make, and model of the vehicle and the county you are registering it in you may or may not need a pass on emissions testing. In Salt Lake County it is required to have emissions testing. Vehicles older than 1967 in Utah are exempt from safety and smog checks but do require emissions in some counties.

Transmission City & Automotive Specialists in Sandy, UT provides emissions and vehicle safety inspections for all required makes and models for the current year. If you are uncertain if you need certifications for your vehicle give us a call, we are happy to help you.