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Differentials are responsible for adjusting the tire speed and rotation when the vehicle is turning. The inner wheel on left or right-hand turns will need fewer rotations to complete the turn then the outer wheel. The differential will provide the proper torque to each wheel to make sure you don’t lose traction while turning.

Vehicle Differential Maintenance & Repair

Your vehicle’s differentials are a vital part of your drivetrain system and just like any system on a car or truck they need to be inspected and maintained regularly. Your differential gear fluid should be changed every 30k miles on heavily used vehicles and no more than 60k miles on carefully used ones. Not getting regular maintenance on your differentials can lead to broken down gear fluid and excessive wear on parts leading to the need for repairs. There are several parts that may need to be repaired or replaced in the differential system like the flange, ring gear, side gear, pinion gear, and axle shaft.

What are the symptoms of differential problems in a car or truck?

Some of the problems you may experience with bad or failing differentials are noises when decelerating or accelerating, vibrations while turning, power loss, and turning radius decline. There are three types of differentials, limited-slip, torque-vectoring, and an open differential. Each differential system is designed to operate in a specific way depending on the needs of the vehicle like regular driving, racing, rock crawling, or towing. Each differential type can experience its own unique problems and should be looked at if its operations are showing symptoms of subpar performance.

Transmission City & Automotive Specialists provide regular inspections and maintenance for your differentials. We also provide repair and replacement on all makes and models.

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