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Transfer Cases

Transfer Cases are responsible for powering the wheels on AWD and 4wD vehicles. This power is distributed from the transmission to the transfer case to the front and rear axles through drive shafts. This process also involves chain drives, gears, or hydraulics as part of the drivetrain to transfer syncronized rotation to the front and rear wheels.

How do I know when my transfer case needs to be repaired or replaced?

If you are experiencing symptons like gear shifting issues, difficulty staying in AWD or 4WD, odd grinding or humming noises, and problems engaging or disengaging the system.

What is the main cause for a transfer case to fail?

One of the main reasons for transfer cases to fail is low fluid levels. When a transfer case is overworked and not maintained it can lead to gaskets and seals breaking down and creating fliud leaks. If you notice fluid on the ground in your garage or normal parking area that is in-line with the transfer case then repairs need to be done. Repairs might range from as simple as new gaskets or seals to replacing integral parts. Having your vehicle serviced on recommended manufacturers intervals or changing the fluid regularly can extend your transfer cases life.

It can be difficult to self-diagnose transfer case problems and can end up costing a do-it-yourself mechanic not only more money but also wasted time. It is always a good idea to have a professional like the ones at Transmission City & Automotive Specialists to diagnose your vehicle to ensure the problem is fixed correctly and at a fair price and timeframe.

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