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Transmission Repairs

Transmission Repairs are a vital part of your vehicle’s performance and if not properly taken care of can cause issues with surrounding systems. How often a vehicle owner operates their vehicle and how aggressive they are at driving will determine the wear overtime on the transmission.


Automatic Transmissions

Most vehicles today are using an automatic transmission system as an efficient and effective way to move your vehicle forward. They automate the shifting of the gears to the appropriate speed of the vehicle allowing the driver to focus on the road and not shifting manually. Just like all moving parts, automatic transmissions can develop problems that slow it’s designed motion of the transmission parts. As a vehicle owner, you should know when your car is not driving at it’s best. There are some very common symptoms you can notice about your vehicle to let you know your transmission may need some repairing. Paying attention to these symptoms and getting repairs done sooner than later will save you a lot of money and unnecessary time without a vehicle.

Gears Shifting Hard

Gears can shift too hard causing a thud in the system that is clearly felt by the driver. You may also notice the gears not switching fast enough or too quickly as you are accelerating.

Transmission Is Slipping

When you are driving on the road or a freeway you will notice a sudden shift without a change in speed. You may also experience this when accelerating and the vehicle is not picking up in speed but the engine rpm’s are. This can be very dangerous especially if you are making a left-hand turn in an intersection or trying to speed up to make a lane change.

Vehicle Won’t Move In Drive

Your vehicle might operate in reverse, but will not move forward when shifting into drive. This is an indication that the transmission system is experiencing a possible failure in the gears, clutches, or solenoids. It might also be due to low levels of transmission fluid.

Transmission Is Leaking Fluid

If you notice a leak on your driveway or parking spot for your vehicle near where the transmission sits you may have a gasket, seal, or cooler line that needs to be replaced or repaired. Transmission fluid leaking will lead to poor operating conditions and can cause major problems if not fixed. There are a few other conditions that are out of the norm that you might notice as well like a burning smell, odd noises such as humming or buzzing or your check engine light is on. If you are experiencing any of these types of symptoms with your vehicle transmission it is in your best interest to have a qualified and professional transmission shop do an inspection.

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