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Brake Repair

Car and Truck Brake Repair & Replacement in Sandy, Utah

Automotive Brake Repair and Replacement in Sandy Utah
Truck Brake Repair and Replacement in Sandy Utah
Brake Repair - Vehicle brakes get used and abused with many different driving habits and changing road conditions. The braking system is one of the most worked systems an automobile has. The pressure of pushing on the brake pedal is transferred and amplified from the master cylinder through the brake lines to the calipers which compress the pads against the drum or rotor. If any single part in the system is becoming worn and not working correctly it can put extra wear on the parts around it causing brake failure.

When do brake pads need to be replaced?

Brake pads on vehicles are a common part to replace and average last around 50,000 miles, some as low as 25,000 or as high as 65,000. If you are hearing screeching or metal grinding noises while breaking you may have a rock stuck in it or you might have worn the pad down to the replacement indicator. It is important to take your vehicle in to get the brakes repaired and the brake pads replaced. Driving on brake pads that have been worn past the indicator will create extra heat while braking and will start to warp surrounding parts leading to further repairs.

What causes brake pedals to feel soft or spongy?

A failing master cylinder or a leak in the brake lines can be the cause of a soft spongy brake pedal. Air in the brake lines can also cause this issue if they were not properly bled when fluid was added to the system. This can lead to difficult braking situations and the need for excess brake pedal pressure to come to a full stop. It is extremely dangerous to continue to drive a vehicle experiencing these problems. It is highly recommended that you get your vehicle to a certified auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Why does my steering wheel shake when braking?

A shaking steering wheel while braking is a common problem a lot of drivers experience. Warped rotors, ungreased guide pins, and uneven brake pads are all reasons that can cause shaking in the steering column and wheel. If caught early enough warping rotors can be turned on a machine to level the rotor plain and remove the warping. If a rotor is too warped it will start to create problems with surrounding parts like suspension systems, or excessive tire wear.

Transmission City & Automotive Specialists in Sandy, UT has certified brake repair and replacement technicians. Give us a call or stop by if you are experiencing braking issues with your car or truck.