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Coolant Systems

An engine's coolant system is responsible for cooling the engine and keeping it at a consistent temperature for it to run efficiently. The coolant is pumped through passages in the engine block and heads and circulates through hoses to the radiator. The radiator removes the heat from the coolant and sends it back to the pump to be recirculated through the engine.

Coolant system Maintenance, Service & Repairs

The consistant process of moving the coolant from the pump through the engine and to the radiator needs to be maintained and serviced on a regular bases to prevent break downs. Coolant gets dirty and worn down after time and should be replaced with new coolant every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Hoses can become worn and cracked which will cause leaking and pressure loss, belts and pulleys also wear out, regular inspection can prevent these problems. If your vehicle has recently overheated, has the check engine light on, or your heater does not work you should take it in for an inspection by a certified technician. A thourough inspection can determine the reason for the problems and a determination of how to correctly repair it.

Radiator Repairs & Replacement

Radiators can break down overtime with insufficient maintenance and poor coolant fluid use. Particulates in the coolant like oil, grease, or hose pieces can build up over time clogging and rusting the radiator and can be the cause of radiator leaks and failure. If this problem is caught early the radiator can be fixed temperarily with a radiator stop leak additive. This is a cost effective solution for a short term fix and in the long run the radiator will need to be replaced. Radiator replacement can take a day and can cost a few hundred dollars up to a $1000 or more depending on the make and model of the vehicle. If you notice green fluid leaking from the front of your vehicle or consistent overheating you may have a failing radiator that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Heater Core Repair & Replacment

Heater cores are a part of the main coolant system, its main job is to control the vehicles cab heating. Just like the radiator the heater core can break down and become corroded from the coolant fluid if not properly maintained. Somes signs of a bad heater core are not blowing hot air, funny smell and fogging of the windows, or a puddle of coolant on passenger floor board. A bad heater core can lead to other problems and failures within the coolant system. Repair and replacement of a heater core can very dramatically depending on your make and model. Some vehicles require removal of the entire dash system to get to the heater core.

If you are experiencing overheating, no hot air blowing from your heater or noticed leaks of coolant you might have a problem that needs to be looked at by a professional. Give us a call at Transmission City & Automotive Specialists located in Sandy, UT.

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