Complete Computer Diagnosis: We use computer aided diagnosis tools to quickly and efficiently diagnose your engine trouble. By simply plugging a device into your car’s on board diagnosis system, we can learn more about error codes and engine trouble.

Drivability Problems: Does it seem like your car isn’t driving well? If you are experiencing jerking or steering issues, bring your car in to Transmission City today.

Tune-Ups: Does your car need a fresh set of spark plugs or a new air filter? We do regular tune ups, so that your car can drive like new.

Oil Changes: Don’t let dirty oil sit inside of your engine. Instead, bring it in for a full-service oil change. In addition to replacing that oil with brand new, clean oil, we also provide a complimentary warranty for your transmission with our dynamic oil change package.

Brake Repair: We also repair brakes, rotors, calipers, brake fluid, and brake lines. If your car has a rough time stopping, bring it in to Transmission City today.

Steering and Suspension: We also offer repairs for steering and suspension systems, even if they are controlled by complex on-board computers.

Fuel System Services: Fuel delivery problems can make your car start, stop, or drive strangely. However, here at Transmission City, we can troubleshoot fuel delivery problems so that your car is reliable.

Coolant Systems: Your car needs coolant to avoid overheating, which is why a single blown hose is a big deal. Fortunately, we service coolant systems, and we can even install auxiliary transmission coolers that can extend the life of your transmission by up to 50%.

Emission Repair: Don’t let your car continue to fail emissions. Instead, bring it in to have your emission troubles diagnosed and resolved.

Air Condition Service: Does it seem like your air conditioner isn’t working to its full capacity? Don’t live with a hot car all summer long. Our technicians can inspect your compressor, the fan, and even refrigerant levels to get your car’s AC unit on track.

Electrical Systems: The average car has a staggering 15 miles worth of complicated wiring. Fortunately, here at Transmission City, we can inspect wiring and fuses to make sure that your electrical system is on point.

Fleet Maintenance Services: If you manage a business with a fleet of vehicles, car repairs can be overwhelming. However, at Transmission City, we service all fleet vehicles up to two tons.

Engine Work: We are also able to complete complex engine repairs, rebuilds, or replacements.

Utah State Safety Inspections: Bring your cars in for their yearly inspection! We can perform the inspection while you wait, and provide you with stickers before you leave.

Transfercases: We also service transfercases for all kinds of vehicles, including 4×4 trucks, All-Wheel Drive, or Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles.

Differentials: You shouldn’t have to live with noisy differentials. We can conduct gear ratio changes, or install locking differentials, among other services.

Manual Transmissions and Clutches: Does your clutch feel a little loose? Do you ever have a hard time getting your car into gear? We service manual transmissions and clutches, so that you can drive your favorite car for as long as you want to.

All cars domestic or foreign. Free local towing with major repairs.

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