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Our Services

Here at Transmission City, we don’t want you to worry about anything—which is why we service just about everything. Here are just a few of the car problems we can handle, and why you should choose us over the other guys:


Four-Wheel-Drive trucks are not the only vehicles with transfer cases. If you own an ALL-WHEEL DRIVE SUV, 4X4 TRUCK, any vehicle designated as X-TYPE, 4-MATIC, QUATTRO, ALL-TRAC, V.W.SYNCRO, CONTROL-TRAC, or SYMETRICAL all-wheel drive, you have a transfer case.

Transmission City can service and repair all of these systems.


We are specialists in the servicing and rebuilding of differentials for most popular vehicles on the road today. LIMITED SLIP, or LOCKING DIFFERENTIALS, PERFORMANCE UPGRADES or gear ratio changes, we do it.

DIFFERENTIAL NOISY? Drive away quietly, Transmission City, we do it all.


Three speed, four speed, 5 speed, 6 speed, we can service and repair them all. We service FOREIGN and DOMESTIC transmissions.

We replace clutches on most cars and light to medium trucks. We repair HYDRAULIC CLUTCH SYSTEMS, many do not require transmission removal. Always see Transmission City first with any of your clutch problems.


Technology has come a long way since the first Automobile. Today computers handle virtually all the control functions of your engine, cooling system, the braking system, body computers that control windows, lights, locks, seats, self-dimming features, steering, dynamic ride controls, four wheel drive and/or all-wheel drive systems, stabilization systems and of course the transmission.

We can interface with these computers, extract malfunction indicator codes, view actual running command information and in some systems, manipulate the components manually. Without this type of “Computer Aided Diagnostics”, (C.A.D.), repairs are impossible. Whether you drive a HONDA, MAZDA, NISSAN or SUBARU, you are driving a computer-controlled powertrain.


When a vehicle starts to perform differently during your routine driving, these changes may be a sign of a problem. You may experience yellow or red lights illuminating on the instrument cluster, jerking when accelerating, noises when starting the engine or lack of power.

Whether you drive a LEXUS or a LINCOLN, at Transmission City in Sandy, we can identify these symptoms, and offer a cure. Remember, a poor running engine wastes fuel and increases pollution. Everyone benefits from these repairs.


Routine tune-ups are required on all vehicles. GENERAL MOTORS, FORD, CHRYSLER and other automobile manufacturers publish time schedules for these services. At Transmission City in Sandy, we can perform your tune-ups and routinely scheduled services to keep your vehicle’s factory warranty in effect.



Every vehicle will need routine brake repairs or replacements from time to time.

At Transmission City in Sandy, we perform the highest level of quality service at competitive prices with full labor warranties to match the manufactures parts warranty. We give our customers a FREE Safety and Emission certificate with every brake job we perform, valid for 1 year.


Most cars today have automatic stabilization systems that employ sophisticated electronics that measure the vehicle’s pitch, yaw, and steering angle.

If these terms are foreign to you, let Transmission City in Sandy diagnose and repair these problems for you.

If you see lights on the instrument panel that indicate skid control, traction control or ride control problems, don’t take chances, see Transmission City in Sandy right away.


Engines and transmissions are cooled through the same interconnected systems. Excessive heat can damage both of these major powertrain components.

Transmission City can diagnose and repair these systems for you.

Remember, the engine and the transmission have ideal temperature ranges where performance and durability are enhanced. We can install auxiliary transmission coolers on your car, SUV, 4×4 TRUCK or MOTORHOME that can extend transmission life by 50% or more.


Are emission codes preventing you from getting your annual license plate renewal? Transmission City in Sandy can diagnose and repair your emission system to meet local codes. We always perform follow up services on our repairs to ensure that all repaired systems perform in compliance with county regulations at no charge to you. (Models 1996 and newer.)


It’s easy to tell when the A/C isn’t working. It’s not easy to tell why. Transmission City A/C technicians can find the problem and offer a solution. All automotive windshield defrost systems utilize the A/C to dry the air in the heater for a fast and clean defrost which is a requirement for safety inspections in Utah.

We can make your winter driving safer or, just let us help you enjoy the comfort of you’re A/C or climate control today.


Does the 15 miles of wiring in your car scare you? Transmission City electrical specialists can make sense of it. If you are suffering from blown fuses, controls that will not function or electrical gremlins, we can help. We service AUDI, BMW, VOLVO, JAGUAR, and VOLKSWAGEN vehicles.

These repairs are not Foreign to us.


Transmission City can perform all maintenance services for fleet vehicles and trucks up to two (2) tons. Routine services, brakes, upper engine repairs, safety inspections, whatever it takes to keep it on the road. We service most GMC, WORKHORSE, ISUZU, FUSO and MITSUBISHI mid and heavy-duty trucks. Priority scheduling and attention to detail make us great.